Industrial Environmental Services

CERT’s Rapid Response Team’s first goal is to provide environmentally safe & compliant services to customers to help minimize their waste & eliminate negative environmental impact. When waste generation can’t be prevented, reuse and recycle top the EPA’s waste management practices list.


Emergency Spill Response

CERT’s Rapid Response Team is second to none and responds to hundreds of emergency response calls each year. We guarantee our clients the fastest response time when responding to any emergency spill or chemical release incident; in most cases, after an initial call, our team is mobilized within 30 minutes.

Call our Emergency Response Line 24/7 - 877-505-6799

Hydro Excavation

CERT provides hydro-excavation on certain sites as an alternative to conventional excavation methods. Unlike traditional mechanical excavation, there is little chance of damage or disruption to critical underground utilities when pressure washing and high-power vacuuming are utilized to excavate. Hydro-excavation allows CERT to penetrate various soil conditions, depths, widths and angles, while preserving natural surroundings. Hydro-excavation equipment is directed at the desired excavation point while the soil slurry is vacuumed into a vacuum truck to be contained and/or transported off-site. The entire excavation process requires minimal backfill, labor force, restoration and environmental impact.

Box & Tank Rentals

CERT prides itself on mobilizing our rentals 24 hours/ 7 days a week / 365 days a year to our clients with the ability to create waste characterization and haul loaded materials off site for disposal.

Rentals include: Roll-off Boxes, Sludge Boxes, Dewatering Boxes, Frac Tanks & Vacuum Boxes, fleet of quad axel dump trucks

CERT provides all types and sizes of bulk storage vessels necessary to facilitate work at any project site. Whether the need involves temporary fuel storage, contaminated water storage, sludge/sediment storage or contaminated soil containerization, CERT can provide sufficient quantities of all appropriate containers with reliable support at a most economical cost.

Industrial Vacuum Services

CERT can handle Industrial vacuuming on a large scale. This photo is from a job in Candor NC. CERT is responsible for removing 90000 bushels of old corn out of 3 different silos throughout the feed mill. CERT offers liquid and dry vacuum services.

Car Wash Pit Pumping

If you operate a commercial car wash, we offer pumping and cleaning to ensure a clean and safe environment.

Sludge in the car wash pit may contain hazardous chemicals that could be a health risk to customers & employees. When you hire CERT, an expert car wash pit service, they will get rid of the sludge and dispose of waste appropriately.  CERT employees aware of the requirements of the local health office regarding the disposal of the waste safely.


Underground Storage Tank Closure

CERT pulls permits, locates buried utility lines,mobilizes our own equipment, provides a CERT Liquid Truck and vacuums any residual fuel from the tank. Then using an excavator, CERT removes the soil on top and around the tank, pulls the tank from the ground and loads it for proper disposal. Geologist will test the soil to ensure that fuel has not leaked into the soil. If so, CERT loads the contaminated soil into a CERT dump truck and safely delivers the impacted dirt to Soil Solutions and provides manifests and soil weight tickets to the client. CERT provides clean soil to go back into the hole and restores area with sod.

Hazmat Response/Hazmat Cleanup

We maintain a fleet of commercial vehicles for a variety of cleanup and transportation services and are licensed and certified to transport hazardous and non-hazardous waste for you. Our equipment includes vacuum trucks, tank trailers, and much more. Our Hazmat cleanup services include a team of highly skilled Hazmat professionals to quickly and efficiently clear the affected areas of contamination.


Other Services Include:

  • Hazardous Waste Transportation & Disposal
  • Remediation
  • Underground & Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Facility Services
  • Spill Kits
  • Health & Safety
  • Light Grading
  • Biohazard Services
  • Flow-Stop