Grease Trap Cleaning

Professional Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Charlotte NC

Do you need help with grease trap cleaning?  Charlotte NC based company CERT can help.

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Why Restaurants have a Grease Trap?

Commercial kitchens often use grease traps for purposes of sanitation, and to save money on plumbing costs.

It’s difficult for a kitchen that does a large volume of cooking to get rid of volumes of animal fats and oils. Bacon grease, beef fat, and the other animal products can clog up lines and cause unsightly messes on grills or surface areas.

A grease trap also helps kitchen staff to avoid draining grease and fat through a pipe. Pipe draining may be okay for small amounts of fat in a residential kitchen, but it can often lead to clogged pipes in a commercial kitchen.

Pumping Grease Traps

Pumping Grease Traps

Inside Grease Traps